“What? Me Worry?”

January 8, 2016

“What? Me Worry?” 

“The word “doubt” comes from the Latin dubium, a word suggesting “two ways”: a fork in the road. We find ourselves wavering between alternatives, and we need to discern which path to take. When the matter is not clear-cut, it is a good idea to ask how others see the question.  The one assurance we have is that if we seek counsel, we will make a more-informed decision.


This suggests the first quality we will need if we are going to counsel the doubtful: we ought to be humble enough to seek advice ourselves. If we consult others when making decisions, we will have a feel for how to give advice to others in a positive way. We will be supportive, not badgering; insightful, not intrusive.


Some counsel is a matter of human prudence. But there is also a God-given counsel, a gift of the Holy Spirit, who guides by a sort of supernatural intuition. We are to share with others this spiritual gift, enabling them to discern whether a decision brings them closer to God or farther away from him.”


To read the full reflection, visit the Jubilee of Mercy website for the Diocese of Oakland.

Today’s Year of Mercy Calendar:  Fast from worrying today.


Author: Kidung Adi

Kidung Adi merupakan situs terjemahan dari www.flocknote.com

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